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What is Covered in the Home Warranty Plan?

1Warranty has two plans (Basic and Premium) along with additional and optional choices so you can choose the best combination for you. 1Warranty covers items typically not covered on a home insurance policy and can cover anything from appliances to pools as well as repairs and/or replacements due to mechanical failure attributable to ordinary wear and tear. Please refer to your coverage booklet for specific coverage details.

Do I have to pay a co-pay?

Yes, once your claim has been placed and the service provider is dispatched, you are required to pay the initial co-pay. The amount can vary from provider to provider but you will never be responsible for more than $75.00. Often times this initial service fee will take care of the problem you have.

What happens if my service fee does not cover the work I need to be done?

Your service provider is given an outline of the items we cover and is instructed to contact us before proceeding in order to determine what will be covered by your warranty.  Once that amount is determined; you will be contacted and be told this same information at which point you will determine if you want to move forward with all or part of the determined work to be done.  We then proceed with ensuring the claim is brought to a quick and complete solution.

If I have a claim; what do I do?

You may contact customer service at 307.995.3530 during regular business hours (9:00am-5:00pm PST) or Claims Support at 1-800-261-1025 after business hours and on the weekend. Claim calls are taken 24/7 – 365 days a year including holidays. Please note; emergency fees may be charged if an emergency call is placed and later found to be unwarranted.

What is the definition of an emergency claim?

1Warranty defines this as when the failure of a covered item renders the home uninhabitable. Every effort is made to expedite service during these circumstances.

How long does it take for my service provider to attend to my claim?

Claims are normally processed and service providers dispatched within 48 hours (not including weekend) of the initial call. Service providers can go in waves of being very busy and not so busy.  1Warranty has no control over when our providers will place our clients in their service que.   Please read paragraph 14 and 20 of your warranty brochure for more information.

How do I contact the claims customer service department?

1-800-261-1025 or onewarrantyclaims@tribcsp.com

Can anyone purchase one of your home warranty’s?

At present, we are servicing the State of Wyoming and parts of Northern Colorado. Give us a call to see if you fall within our jurisdiction. We work directly with real estate brokers and agents as well as individual customers. We look forward to growing and bringing our product and service beyond Wyoming in the near future.

How does one become a partnering vendor with your company.

Please refer to our contact page to fill out the designated inquiry form.  We appreciate your interest!

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